Updating The Latest`

Well, I got checked out.

That was embarrassing enough. Had a fat cow of a doctor, who said I looked familiar (I hope not, bitch) stick a Q-Tip in my dick, because there was no way I could piss for them at that time. Another nurse had to provide backup and make sure everything went according to plan. At least two women saw my dick. Right?

Guess what!? It came back positive. Had a feeling it would, but it was a shock nonetheless. Never had an STD before and it just made me feel horribly dirty.

Got the medication I needed and knocked it out. One pill? Don’t mind if I do.

Still wasn’t the best feeling in the world to admit I was a statistic. Life is too short to be fucking around with my health. Truly strapping it up from here on out.

3 responses to “Updating The Latest`

  1. I’ve had molloscum and NGU in my life mate it sucks but thank God it’s curable and it wasn’t something worse.

    Strapping up is the best thing to do I have a box of 40+ condoms in my bed just for things like this can’t trust these hoes

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